Student Weekend

Student Weekend:

  • January 30-Feb 1, 2015
  • Clem Miller Environmental Education Center, Point Reyes, CA.
  • $50 fee includes food, lodging and program

This 2-night event is geared towards students and young professionals interested in getting hands-on experience from wildlife experts in the field. Stationed out of the Environmental Education Center in Pt. Reyes, the weekend puts us in one of the continent’s most biodiverse parks during the height of the bird, fish, and amphibian season. Students will have the opportunity to observe a live bird-banding demonstration, conduct nocturnal surveys for threatened red-legged frogs, and inventory bird and macroinvertebrates in the productive Giacomini Wetlands. Additionally, we will have guest presenters, set up camera traps, search for mammal sign, and assist in a riparian restoration project. Facilities are dorm-style, with cleanup/setup duties expected of participants. Cooked breakfasts and dinners will be provided, along with packed lunches.

For more information, please contact Student Weekend Chair:   Ivan Parr,

For more information on the location:



Prior to 2 pm: Mehrey Cook/Kitchen Orientation

2:30 Pm Arrival begins

4:00 pm Arrival window

4:30 Orientation

5:00 hike

6:30 TWS WS orientation icebreaker

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Clean-up

8-9:30 Evening Program



7 a.m. Breakfast

8 a.m. WFA Starts

8:15 Mist-nets at Muddy Hollow

8:15 1st HOP Presentation

9:45 2nd HOP Presentation

11:00 Nets close at Muddy Hollow

11:30-3:30 SPAWN Restoration Project

4:00 Return to Clem Miller

4-5:45 CRF Daylight Habitat View/Return

6:00 Dinner

7:00-7:30 Cleanup/Transition to night walk

7:30 Walk to CRF field site for night viewing



7 a.m. Breakfast (All packed out of cabins)

8 a.m. WFA Starts

9:00-10:00 Students all out of Cabins, Student clean cabins and major clean bathrooms

10:15 Students depart from Clem Miller

10:30 – 1:00 Giacomini Wetlands Study