Associated Meetings

Annual Business Meeting and Member’s Forum:

  • Thursday, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm New Time!

Officers and committee chairs of the Western Section will provide reports for membership information and discussion, and new officers and Executive Board members will be introduced. Attendance by all members is encouraged!  Donated items will be raffled off throughout the meeting and a all in attendance will be entered in a drawing for a most excellent door prize.


(Reports summarizing Executive Board and contractor accomplishments and key highlights are located in the back of the room.)

5:00 Call to Order (President Dvorak)

5:01 Approval of Minutes from last Business Meeting (Secretary Scruggs/Past-President Bell)

5:05 Review of Financial Status (Treasurer McNerney)

5:08 Election Results & Bylaws Updates Review (Bell)

5:10 Review of 2014 Accomplishments (Outgoing President)

         (Natasha and Janae to add some detail here)

5:15 Review of President’s Agenda for 2015

        – Strategic Plan – Increased member services and opportunities for involvement

        – Growing and strengthening funding base – fundraising and examining dues

        – Improve operations – making it easier to serve the Section

5:25 Installation and Charge of 2015 Executive Board (President)

5:30 Member’s Forum (All, Led by Newly-Installed President)

5:45 Review of Action Items Arising from Member’s Forum (Secretary)

5:48 Adjournment (President

5:50 Raffle

Note: these items are now to be included as part of the banquet program

-Election Results & Bylaws Updates Review (Bell)

-Acknowledgement of Contractors (Dvorak)

-Appointment of Interim-Installed Officers and Committee Chairs (Dvorak)

-Acknowledgement of Outgoing Officers and Committee Chairs (Dvorak & Bell)

-Transfer of Gavel and Presentation of Perpetual President Plaque (President, President-Elect)

-Acknowledgement of Outgoing President, Present Past-President’s Pin (Newly-Installed President)

Conservation Affairs Committee Meeting

  • Wednesday, 9-10 am

How can YOU make a difference in local and regional conservation? Join us at the Conservation Affairs Committee meeting to see!

The Marriage of Applied Science and Communications: CAC is our means to provide our scientific expertise and knowledge to
  • Inform policy, planning, and other conservation affairs of interest to WS membership
  • Create materials and/or plan events for public outreach and education 
  • Mentoring to encourage students to pursue scientific careers

Working Groups:

The Western Section is pleased to help facilitate the meeting of working groups during the Annual Meeting, as has been done in the past. In order to ensure space is available and to help minimize scheduling conflicts, if you are interested in holding a working group meeting, please contact Candace Renger by December 1, 2014 at

California Fisher Working Group Meeting

  • Wednesday, 8:00 am to 10:00 am

The California Fisher Working Group was created to share current information among interested parties to foster communication and collaboration, with the goal of maintaining healthy viable fisher populations in California. The focus of the California Fisher Working Group is on recent research and conservation matters related to fishers in California. When pertinent, information on fishers outside of California or from closely related species will be included in meeting agendas. The 2015 meeting will be an informational session using our traditional 5 slides/5 minutes format, with time at the end for questions and discussion. The meeting is open to all.

The Molecular Ecology Working Group

  • Thursday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Hospitality Suite 123

The Molecular Ecology Working Group is a newly formed working group initiated at the recent National TWS meeting in Pittsburgh this past October.  This is an informational meeting for people interested in joining the working group and is open to all.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo Working Group Meeting

  • Tuesday, 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Yellow-billed Cuckoo Working Group Meeting, 1pm to 5pm Tuesday January 27th, Russian River Room. We will discuss 1. Major Research Needs, 2. Proposed Management Actions, 3. Qualifications for Surveyors 4. Other topics of interest to the group, as time allows. Moderators: Stephen A. Laymon (USFWS) and Murrelet Halterman (HT Harvey and Associates). There will be a conference line – details will be provided when available.

The Amargosa Vole Working Group Meeting

  • Tuesday, 8am – 5pm.  Alexander 2

The Amargosa Vole Symposium 2015 has been cancelled due to low enrollment.  The organizers have decided to change the Tuesday, January 27th Symposium into a “Working Group Meeting,” with a primary objective being to organize the symposium for the 2016 annual meeting of TWS-WS in Pomona, CA.  Such a change means that there will be no fee for participation in the working group meeting, but also no audio-visual support, refreshments, symposium materials etc.